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  1. Abbreviation - commonly meaning Voice-Over - noun, Movies, Television; any offscreen voice, as that of a character in a narrative

  2. Noun - a plural of medium; the means of communication via radio, television, newspapers and magazines, that reach or influence people

The foundation of VO | Media was built upon 30 years of experience in traditional media, aka, old media.  Early on, VO | Media recognized that the internet would usher in an era of new media, offering businesses new marketing opportunities to reach consumers, and traditional media—television, radio and print—was no longer adequate in the era of Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.  Our "old school" roots make VO | Media uniquely qualified to plan, develop and deploy virtually any multi-media solution.  It's in our DNA.  After all, if you don't know where you're going, how do you know when you get there?

Our Team

VO | Media's team of web developers, designers, copywriters and marketing experts work collectively with your success as a common goal. While we like to think of ourselves as big-brained, creative geniuses. In reality, we're probably just a bunch of workaholic, over-achieving geeks that love what we do.

Jay "Dr. Jay" Johnson - Senior Developer | Web Design | Graphics
Walter "Do it over" Fielder - Digital Design | Graphic Design
JoAnn "Does it work?" Miller - Front-End Developer | Web Design
Bernard "Weekend at Bernie's" Gumz - Web Development | Web Design
Kimberly "What Evugh" Blakemoore - Marketing | Copywriting

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